Tuesday, March 13, 2012

a quick report

just got back from a short trip this morning, arrived at around 8:30am and left at around 10:30.
i started out fishing in a pond swinging streamers at the entrance of a feeder creek, had a couple takes but no hookups.
then started going up the feeder creek fishing an indicator nymph rig.
snook up to a hole where i have seen multiple trout over 16inches, crawled up on my knees and laid a good cast with a good drift right under the undercut bank and my indicator shot under, i set the hook and i was into a solid fish... but only for about 10 seconds till it broke me off, i must have tied a bad knot. and i lost both my flys, i was fishing a soft hackle of my design and a pink squirrel as the point fly.
i'll be going out again tomorrow i think, hopefully with alittle more luck, but it wasn't a bad day for the first day on the stream.     

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