Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my 6 best trout flys last season

#1 peacock dragonfly nymph
hook: #4-8 nymph bent up
tail: olive or brown maribou
body: peacock herl
rib: gold tinsel
wingcase: pheasant tail
eyes: beadchain eyes
legs: pheasant tail

#2 token creek hopper (my original)
hook: #6-10 terrestrial/hopper
tail/abdomen: deer hair or peacock herl
thorax: fine dry fly dubbing 
legs: rubber legs
underwing: molted turkey feather
overwing/head: deer hair tied bullet style
float: foam

#3 hackle body streamer (variation)
hook: #4-8 3xlong streamer
tail: gray white or brown maribou
under body: silver or gold tinsel
body hackles: any combination of furnace, brown, gray, white and grizzly hen hackles
collar: dyed brown grizzly hen hackle
head: gold cone

#4 flash sided hares ear
hook: #8-14 nymph
tail: hen hackle fibers
body: hares ear dubbing
flash: gold, silver, or pearl crystal flash
rib: gold or copper wire
hackle: hen hackle dyed brown grizzly
wingcase/head: pheasant tail

#5 flash sided caddis
hook: #10-14 curved pupa/scud hook
body: hares ear
flash: gold, silver, or pearl tinsel
rib: gold or copper wire
hackle: soft hen hackle
thorax: florescent green dubbing 
bead: gold

#6 tip tied hendrickson emerger  
hook: #10-14 dry fly
body: hares ear dubbing
wing: tip tied elk hair
head: hares ear dubbing

So these were my 6 best patterns last season for inland trout in steams and ponds, have fun with them and be creative, there's alot of variations you can make for different situations.