Tuesday, November 29, 2011

my 6 best trout flys last season

#1 peacock dragonfly nymph
hook: #4-8 nymph bent up
tail: olive or brown maribou
body: peacock herl
rib: gold tinsel
wingcase: pheasant tail
eyes: beadchain eyes
legs: pheasant tail

#2 token creek hopper (my original)
hook: #6-10 terrestrial/hopper
tail/abdomen: deer hair or peacock herl
thorax: fine dry fly dubbing 
legs: rubber legs
underwing: molted turkey feather
overwing/head: deer hair tied bullet style
float: foam

#3 hackle body streamer (variation)
hook: #4-8 3xlong streamer
tail: gray white or brown maribou
under body: silver or gold tinsel
body hackles: any combination of furnace, brown, gray, white and grizzly hen hackles
collar: dyed brown grizzly hen hackle
head: gold cone

#4 flash sided hares ear
hook: #8-14 nymph
tail: hen hackle fibers
body: hares ear dubbing
flash: gold, silver, or pearl crystal flash
rib: gold or copper wire
hackle: hen hackle dyed brown grizzly
wingcase/head: pheasant tail

#5 flash sided caddis
hook: #10-14 curved pupa/scud hook
body: hares ear
flash: gold, silver, or pearl tinsel
rib: gold or copper wire
hackle: soft hen hackle
thorax: florescent green dubbing 
bead: gold

#6 tip tied hendrickson emerger  
hook: #10-14 dry fly
body: hares ear dubbing
wing: tip tied elk hair
head: hares ear dubbing

So these were my 6 best patterns last season for inland trout in steams and ponds, have fun with them and be creative, there's alot of variations you can make for different situations.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

oct. 15 fishing report

went fishing at devils lake baraboo WI yesterday camped there over night on Friday and fished Saturday,
did not have any luck, was hoping to catch the fish in the shallows but the water was still to warm to trigger the fall feeding frenzy, probably in about two weeks they'll move into the shallows, hoping to do some steelhead fishing in the lake Michigan tribs next month, we'll see.    

Saturday, April 23, 2011

a lucky day

got out today since it was nice and its supposed to rain for most of next week.
went exploring a new section on a nearby stream and it looks pretty good nice open meadows wooded sections lots of undercut banks and some nice riffles, looked under a couple rocks and found some case worm caddis in about size 14/16, hopefully ill be there when they hatch. anyway fished streamers and nymphs and got nothing on that stretch, then went out to eat and went to a pond connected to a lower section of that creek, fished with nymphs and soft hackles, then some fish started rising and after a while i started seeing some hendricksons! pretty rare in wisconsin except on certain water. anyway after watching a couple minuets i determined they were taking emergers and nymphs swimming to the surface, so i tied on a size 12 parachute hares ear dry as an indicator fly and off the bend i tied on a size 12 tip tied emerger, threw some casts and then got a nice 10-12 inch brown on the emerger. let him go and threw some more casts and changed tactics i started to let them sink and i would pull them up to the surface like a nymph swimming to the surface and got one strike that way but pulled the trigger to late.     
so it was a good day, got some action and had fun outdoors.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

got out today from about 10am-2pm and got skunked. was hoping for some caddis action but nothing was hatching so i fished the pond i talked about in an earlier post with caddis pupa and scuds, had one hit on a flash-sided soft hackle caddis and lost it, then walked around the pond casting and slowly retrieving a dragon fly nymph, got nothing there.
then i went exploring on a nearby stream and found a nice little trib to look around at and spooked a legitimate 20inch brown! also saw about a 12incher in there so next time i'l have to fish it.    

Friday, April 15, 2011

was planing on going fishing today, but the weather sometimes dictates that, and with 35mph winds and poring rain fishing is impossible, so i sat down at the tying bench instead.

my hex fishing arsenal; from left to right, hex wiggle nymph, extended body hex, spent hex, and extended body parachute hex.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

got out for a couple hours yesterday, the weather was warm and a little bit overcast.
i fished an unnamed pond connected to token creek for the first time ever, i went there last week and the water clarity wasn't good do to run off after some rain so i moved on, but this week it was a lot better so i decided to stay there. i actually started fishing a little feeder creek that is not in the DNR trout water listings but had trout in it on my last visit, but didn't have any luck so i moved on to the pond, and fished the inlet where the creek joined the pond and caught one nice little brown of eight or nine inches on the first cast, a few casts later hooked one that felt a little better but lost it, the first fish was on a #14 hairs ear nymph, the second i don't know cause i was using a two fly rig, hopefully on my next visit I'll do a little better but, all in all wasn't to bad.
                                              the pond
                                           the unnamed trib

Thursday, March 31, 2011

i went fishing today at Token Creek in Wisconsin.  i saw one fish which i spooked and i had a couple of hits but didn't catch anything.
i only fished for a little over an hour and my mobility was not at its best because of a sprained ankle from last week but it was enjoyable. also the Wisconsin DNR has been working on improving the streams water quality and fish habitat. they've added boulders and deepened the stream bed so its looking pretty good.
i also stopped by at Gander Mountain (conveniently located a stone's throw away from Token Creek County Park) and was pleasantly surprised to see that most of the store's stock was sixty percent off!  i went to the flyfishing section to check it out and bought three scientific anglers fly boxes (original price $80), a float tube (original price $130), and a redington redfly.2 fly rod which was already on sale for $100! (original price $150) every item was also sixty percent off, so the total price was only $126! i saved $234!    

Thursday, January 20, 2011

i haven't been on in a while but i have been busy, here is what I've accomplished..

 this is just one of the three boxes I've filled
sorry i haven't done anything lately here is a good pattern for the Wisconsin hex hatch
my variation of an extended body hex pattern
hook: gamakatsu split shot dropshot size 4-6
extended body: elk body with 4 olive deer hair fibers
wing: yellow mallard flank feathers
hackle: brown

this fly is a little tricky the first couple times because of the extended body, but its prity easy after a while, or if your an advanced tier

enjoy! p.s. i'll probably post a video soon